Chances of getting HIV

Calculating the possibility of being infected with HIV is very complex. There are numerous factors in play to produce a detailed result:   – Personal factors of the potentially infected person. Such as health (immune system), circumcision, racial origin, STD status and so on… – Personal factors of the HIV infected person. Such as the viral load (level of HIV in the blood), STD status and so on… – Factors about the exposure. Which kind of exposure, duration of the exposure and so on…   All these factors combined can produce a risk estimation. The HIV Calculator uses these factors to produce an estimation as detailed as possible. The latest studies are used in this hiv infection chance calculator, with information from over 180 countries. This information is updated frequently and is based on the latest research. Some factors, like viral load, can not be used in the calculator, this is the missing information in the online calculation. The online calculator uses an average viral load. So be aware that a high viral load can raise the result.