HIV Risk Calculator

This is a unique online calculation tool to calculate personal HIV infection odds. Use the calculation if you ask yourself the question: what is my chance of contracting HIV? it by calculating chances of HIV infection. To use the calculator simply fill in the questions, this will take up to 10 minutes, and the calculator will show the result directly. Please note that mistakes can be made. The result of the HIV odds calculator is a very detailed result, but every calculator can make mistakes. Most of the results are small percentages. But still, every day many people get infected with HIV world wide. You should always avoid every risk of becoming infected with HIV. To be safe, and to stay safe in the future, always practice safe sex, and get tested.

The HIV Odds Calculator is a unique online quiz-based program which determines you should take a test or not. Based on your answers, the HIV Risk Calculator provides your overall risk.

The HIV risk calculator has interactive questions that help you understand your HIV risk. The moment you finish answering the tool’s selected questions, you are given instant results. The calculator has different questions lined up relevant to the disease and depending on your answers it will give you the results from low to highest risk. This can help you in determining your risk, and your follow-up action.

HIV is now an epidemic in our modern world, 80% of people with HIV have not been tested. Learn about the risk you have for contracting HIV/ AIDS through sexual activities. Help to stop HIV; get tested!

Chances Of Getting HIV
What are your odds of getting HIV? Your odds depend on numerous factors. It is not about being unlucky.Most important is to realise, that every risk you take could mean you get infected.

The risk calculator

HIV Risk Facts

Chances of getting HIV

The HIV Calculator offers a specified answer to those who are frightened by the idea of being infected with brand viagra no prescription us based hiv.

You will receive a calculated specified percentage which is a prediction that can be used to realize the necessity of getting tested for hiv.

Does urinating after sex reduce the risk of a HIV/STD infection?

During world war I the US military advised soldiers to urinate and wash their genitals after having sex with a prostitute to reduce the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease…

Calculating the possibility of being infected with HIV is very complex.

There are numerous factors in play to produce a detailed result. All these factors combined can produce a risk estimation.

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What are my chances of contracting hiv

The risk of getting HIV is small, but a small risk still is a risk

Global number of people living with HIV, by year

Global HIV Adult prevalence (%)

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